The very talented Mr Pettigrew

The very talented Mr Pettigrew

The very talented Mr Pettigrew

We work with a carefully chosen team of Associates who share our passion for people development and bring a range of expert skills and operational experience to Clear Thinking. This team is known as The Sticky Thinking Forum.

As well as supporting us to provide bespoke people development services to our clients, the Forum is a “think tank” where members collaborate and continue to develop together by sharing knowledge and expertise with each other.

This month we’ve asked the very talented Ian Pettigrew from Kingfisher Coaching to give us an insight into his work and to share some of his thoughts with you…..some of you may already have met him!

What do you absolutely love about the work you do?

Seeing a sustainable positive difference in people when they realise their strengths and I love the fact that I can act as a catalyst to drive that through playing to my own strengths.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges faced by the leaders you work with?

It is really hard to generalise and I see different challenges in different sectors, but these are some common themes:

1 – Time to do their job, attend to everything that needs attending to, keep on top of email, and still get the best out of people.

2 – Time and headspace to drive strategic change.

3 – Driving a more agile and innovative organisation.

What do you think is their biggest opportunity?

To take control and make bold moves on all three fronts.

What do you do when your work with a client doesn’t go the way you planned? What enables you to get back on track?

A crystal clear focus on what success looks like and the desire to use feedback to move (sometimes flexibly) towards that successful outcome. All key skills that are useful for my clients as well.

Describe the journey that has brought you to the Sticky Thinking Forum? What do you value about it?

The journey started with meeting Kate on a course and then getting to know Bev and Kate a lot better. What I value about the Sticky Thinking Forum is time with people who I like, respect, and trust.

If you could invent something that could rock your client’s world, what would it be, and how would it work?

An App that would prompt people to stop and think about the past week, to reflect on it and learn from feedback and experiences and then help them plan the week ahead and create time in their schedules for the important things.

When you’re not helping people realise their strengths how do you like to spend your time?

I’m married with two step-children and a Border Collie. I’m into sport (Liverpool FC & Formula 1), I’m a lay minister (‘Reader’) in the Church of England, and I’m a trustee of a charity called Retrak who work with street children across Africa.

When I’m not doing anything connected with these, I really enjoy reading and watching reality TV (not Big Brother; anything medical or police-related and things like ‘The Hotel’, ‘The Hotel Inspector’, and ‘The Apprentice’).

A quick word from Bev and Kate!

We love working with Ian as his passion, energy and enthusiasm shines through in everything he does. He asks great questions and is happy to challenge our thinking to stretch our outlook and perspective. You can find out even more about Ian on his website.


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