Today’s thought was provoked by good friend and fellow entrepreneur Martin Johnson from www.YourBigPic.com

We’ve been successfully collaborating for a year and a bit now and it’s all good. We had reason to ask about the commercial proposition for something we’re working on and our conversation moved to the topic of Effectuation. (You can see a short video that explains the principles by clicking on the link).

We’ve not paid it much attention before and it struck me that there maybe others out there who have yet to discover it’s principles.We started by looking at it from a small business perspective.

Having seen life from the big business corporate perspective and more recently as an entrepreneur, at Clear Thinking we like to look at how entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to the corporate world. And guess what, the Effectuation people have read our minds. Here’s the link to the Corporate Effectuation video.

So, here are some questions to get your mind racing……

1. Which of the principles of Effectuation are being used in your business?

2. Who naturally brings effectual thinking into the way they work in your business  What can you learn from them about the way they think?

3. What if you switched to effectual thinking? What could the possibilities be?

We’ll be asking the people we work with about their experience of effectuation in practice and we’d love to hear your stories too.